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Format and files: Management of program of the natives files the most current as Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator. Images format EPS, TIFF, JPEG. Files PDF, PostScripts, TIFF/IT. Trasmission: E-Mail FTP server, both with a broadband connection. HARDWARE: 6 Macintosh, 10 PC, 2 big size color plotter HP 5500, 1 full color Ricoh PRO C751. Imposition: Kodak Preps. Color Proofs: Kodak Matchprint printer certified. Flux: Kodak Prinergy, HC JPage. Check and customers approval: Color blueprints, possibility to the costumer to connect via web to our FTP server to verify and indicate the corrections to make and validate the pages that will be printed. Final Output: 1 ctp big size Kodak Magnus VLF automatic, 1 ctp big size Kodak VLF Trendsetter, 1 ctp small size Kodak Magnus 800 automatic, creation of the CIP3 files to regulate the inks directly on web presses.

In order to ensure the highest quality results as early as the prepress stage, thus facilitating and accelerating the operations to follow, STIGE has selected the most advanced and reliable system on the market.

1 KBA 70x100 5 colors (with online die-cutting). 1 Roland R904 100x140 4 colors. 1 KBA 120x160 4 colors. 2 KBA 120x160 5 colors. 1 KBA 120x160 5 colors + varnish element. 1 Laminator machine 140x100 (for gloss / matt lamination, dry, soft touch lamination. 1 Digital machine Ricoh PRO C751 resolution 4.800 x 1.200 dpi - 4 colours

With the aim of offering the most to every client, either on printing quality and service, STIGE has always insisted on printing machines that guarantee the highest performance on print quality, productivity reliability and flexibility: offset machines, four and five colors, built by two of the most prestigious marks presents on the market, KBA and MAN ROLAND. Rigorous quality controls are performed throughout printing, helped by a modern computerized densitometric device, connected on line to the machines. Thanks to the QUALITRONIC system we can automatically control the quality and improve the colors every 500 sheets.


Lithoman 64 pages, trim 124 cm, width 190,5 cm, 4 colors. Lithoman 72 pages, trim 119 cm, width 198,5 cm, 4 colors. Rotoman 16 pages, giro 62 cm, width 96,5 cm, 5 colors. Lithoman 48 pages trim 124 cm, width146 cm, 4 colors. Possibility of tabloid fold, delta, double parallel, digest, slat and glued spine (8,12,20,28,36,40,48,56,64,72,80 pages). All sizes, except A5 and A3 can come out glued on spine and trimmed max ft 620x965 for plano exit.

Our roto-offset machines built by the German MAN ROLAND con fulfill any requirement at the highest levels of quality and ensure excellent productivity by combining all the advantages of a revolving rotogravure with those offered by offset processes in terms of time and expense onto a single technology. High speed and excellent print quality, perfect folds and optimum palletisation: all the plus have been installed on the machines to satisfy in short times all print needs.

Trimming: 1 POLAR 160, 1 WOHLEMBERG 150, 1 BAUMANN 160, 1 Automatic output BAUMANN 160. Wire-Stitching: 1 MULLER MARTINI BRAVO 3 units, 1 MULLER MARTINI BRAVO PLUS 6 units, 1 MULLER MARTINI 321 6 units, 1 MULLER PRISMA S 6 units. Soft Cover: 1 Jet Binder + 9 gathering units, 1 stacker OMG, 3 heating systems IMBAL STOCK CS, 1 gathering SPRINTER 7010, 1 label applying FASTBOOK, 2 heating and drying machines 25 mt, 1 trimming 3 size machine WOHLEMBERG 44 FM 50, 1 trimming 3 size machine WOHLEMBERG TRIMTEC 56, 2 stacker TECNIGRAF, 1 shrink-wrapping GRAMEGNA, 3 chaines mise en carton SIAT, 1 chaine mise en carton COMARME, 1 chaine mise en carton auto IMBAL STOCK, 1 margeur PETRATTO, 1 WOHLENBERG CHAMPION 16 gathering units, 1 WOHLENBERG MASTER 8 gathering units, 1 MULLER MARTINI CORONA 15 gathering units, 1 MULLER MARTINI TRENDBINDER 30 gathering units. Gathering and Sewing: 2 sewing machines MECCANOTECNICA 151, LINEA MULTIPLEX 12 gathering units + 2 sewing machines 180. Finishing: 1 card/flyer gluing machine, 1 heating machine LADY PACK 50 x 70, 1 STRAPEX ROSSA, 4 MOSCA. Hardback: 1 Cutting paper WOHLENBERG 155, 1 Cutting paper WOHLENBERG 180, 1 POLAR 176, 1 POLAR 137, 2 MBO 142 folding machines (MABEG), 2 MBO 112 folding machine, 1 STAHL 142 folding machine, 1 BONELLI T56 folding machine, 1 MBO 1020 KTL folding machine, 1 gathering machine 30 units MULLER MARTINI, 3 sewing machines ASTRONIC 180, 1 MULLER MARTINI TRENDBINDER, 1 case-binding machine VBF 500, 1 KOLBUS covering machine, 1 HORAUF covering machine, 1 FIDIA covering machine, 2 KOLBUS gilding machines, 1 cutting machine PASQUATO, 2 board cutting machines, 2 shrink-wrapping SITMA, 1 Case binding STAHL BL 500, 2 Folding machines STAHL 78 KTL. Wire-O: 1 gathering machine MAXIMA 50 x 70 15 units, 2 hole maker machines FAR 55, 1 automatic hole maker RILECART PB4500, 2 RILECART PB796 lines for calendars bindery, 1 RILECART PB596 for 3/4 cm. book, 1 automatically drill CORTA.

With constant research of production instruments to respect the client’s demand for quality and timeliness in reaching the market, STIGE has made sizeable investments in order to make the long and binding process as swift as possible. A plant of 15.000 m2 closed to the main one set the lines for the binding machines: milled / sewn paperbacks, hardback, staples, wire - o, flo-pack, etc..

COC, IMPRIM'VERT, ISO 9001/14001
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